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Robin Fellows is a writer and producer who has produced many projects from film to music videos. He produced two of the most famous shorts in Hollywood, "The Waiter," which starred John Cryer (Two and a Half Men/Pretty in Pink), David Schwimmer (Friends), Lorraine Newman (Saturday Night Live), Esai Morales (La Bamba/Law and Order), Academy winner Allen Garfield (All the Kings Men), Academy winner Sally Kellerman (MASH), Gloria Ruben (E.R.), and character actor Peter Green (The Mask), to name a few. He also produced "The Pitch," starring Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), again with David Schwimmer, and also Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernies and many more). Both "The Waiter" and "The Pitch" were directed by Doug Ellin, Creator of HBO's Entourage. The Pitch, was bought by former head of New Line Cinema and Dreamworks, Mike DeLucca, who purchased it to play before the film "The Player" while it aired on HBO.

You may view "The Waiter" at: http://www.spike.com/video/waiter/1184698  

You may view "The Pitch" at: http://www.spike.com/video/pitch/2402760 
Paul Cruz is an actor, writer, producer and host. He has worked in many areas of the business working for several Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Peabody Award winners and nominees. As an actor, he has been under contract for several network series leads and has acted opposite several Academy Award winners and nominees. As a host, he has covered the Academy Awards, live from the red carpet, as well as coverage for many other major awards events from the Emmy's to the American Music Awards and Grammy's. As a writer, he wrote the short film that started it all "Paul Cruz;Latin Actor" ( A Mockumentary) as well as created and wrote the pilot for "Paul Cruz:Latin Actor" (A Mockuseries). He has also co-written all of the projects in development, production and pre-production with his writing and producing partner Robin Fellows. As a producer, he has produced all of the above noted projects as well as those in development, production and pre-production. He has also cast projects for several Academy Award winners.